The Minor Struggles

It took me quite some time before I was able to make a real dent in my research article. some of the topics that I am talking about have been a real struggle to start, but usually once I start, and know exactly what my point is, I am on a roll. Everything will come very easily to me, but a lot of the time I will also have trouble figuring out how to phrase what I am trying to say or how to describe something to someone who isn’t involved in the performing arts. I’ve always told myself that this is because I am a dancer. I am used to expressing my thoughts through movement and not words let alone a structured paper.

Most of my time is consumed by my dance classes, but these two projects are what I am concentrating on the most. They are what I am focused on and stressed about more than anything else right now because they are my last and most important projects of college and I want to make sure they are done to the best of my ability. So far the best of my ability makes me question how I am a senior in college at the moment. You would think I would know how to write a research article but it’s been so long since I’ve written one that I can’t seem to remember the basic steps. For instance I don’t always know how much of my opinion I am supposed to put into this paper or if it matters at all. I’m also having a lot of trouble remembering how to do a proper bibliography and how we are supposed to cite our research. These are questions that I will of course ask, but I just find it depressing that I am having this much trouble remembering how to do these tasks that I did repeatedly throughout high school. That’s what I get for taking mostly dance and theater classes.

There are five more days until the first shooting day and my head is everywhere. I’m very excited but of course also nervous. I’ve been working very hard to make sure everything is organized and ready to go but I keep thinking of random things that I want to add or I look at a costume or a piece of choreography and question whether I like it or not, but then I realize that I am over thinking it and all of the rehearsals are over anyway and I will start to calm down a little. By the time I write my next blog post filming days will be over just as long as it doesn’t rain.If anyone would like to see the video and get a notification immediately when it comes out subscribe to me on Youtube. My link is below and you will be notified right when the video is uploaded.

Lil’ Red; A Twist in the Tale

There are a lot of new things that I’m learning during this process; specifically figuring out the differences between filming on a set and performing live on a stage. There are so many procedures that need to be done and I have no idea how the professionals go about it in the real world, but I am still able to fake it. For instance, I have many ideas when it comes to the specific camera angles that I want so I jot them down in order so me and my camera man will have a rough idea of what we need to get on filming day. I have tried looking up ways that professionals organize these things, but this information is quite hard to find. Although it has come to my attention that they don’t write down these things at all and just spend endless hours “going with the flow” and seeing what they like and what they can get. Unfortunately I will not have time to do that and I will need to be as prepared as possible before the filming days.

Another very important thing that I’ve learned is how incredibly useful my Event Marketing class was for this project. While I was taking that class I kept on telling myself that it wasn’t really that important of a class and I questioned over and over again why I was told to put this class in my contract. After all it was filled with business majors that I had nothing in common with and I had a completely different goal than them. The class mainly focused on organization and throughout the semester I realized the criteria wasn’t about how to be organized, but instead it was about what to organize. I didn’t know how many parts of an event needing planning, and doing this project made realize how much I needed that Event Marketing class. I would be a mess making this video if I didn’t take that class.

Other than having my mind blown from this project, the process is going very well. All of my costumes, choreography, crew, and equipment are ready to go. I have a few more rehearsals before we film and everybody seems to be really excited about it. I’ve also decided that I am going to make a blooper reel just for fun, which I am also very excited for because I know for a fact there will be a lot of screw ups mostly coming from me. I will make sure to post that on here as well.

If anyone is interested in following me on Instagram to see live updates and pictures the day of filming here are the links to both of those accounts: