Amara Decker – Dance and Theatrical Design


My major has given me the proper training to be a professional dancer as well as a producer. The education I have received has qualified me to be the one to hire dancers and design productions. My disciplines include; dance, theater, theater design, writing, business, marketing, and communications.

Applied Project:

My applied project consisted of producing an all dance music video called “Lil’ Red; A Twist in the Tale”, based off the classic story of “Little Red Riding Hood”. This is somethingthat I’ve been wanting to do for a while and it uses all of the disciplines in my major plus more. I learned a lot about the differences between dance on film and dance on stage, but the most important impact that was made in my education was about communication and organization.

Research Article:

The topic for my research article was “Controversy in the Performing Arts”. This is a topic that I am very passionate about because there are so many issues in the performing arts world that affect me greatly. Leaning about these issues will be very useful to me when looking for a job.


My major, applied project, and research article all prepared me to work for a theatrical production company. My interdisciplinary education has brought together all of the disciplines that I am very passionate about and will make a difference in my career as an artist.


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