Applied Project and Research Article

Applied Project




For my senior applied project I will be choreographing, directing, and performing in a music video. The music video will be the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”, but as a contemporary hip-hop dance with dub-step music. I will be dancing the part of Little Red Riding Hood, and I will have three other characters; the Wolf, Grandma, and the Hunter. I will be filming in the woods behind Langdon Woods. The video will be put on YouTube for the public to watch and enjoy.


Goals of This Project:


I am going to really challenge myself with this project. I am eager to learn more about what it is like to create a piece on camera on a film set instead of a stage and no audience. With this project I will explore the differences between dancing on film and dancing on a stage. I know I will be very intrigued by the technological differences as well in terms of; lighting, set design, camera angles, audio, etc.


How I Will Deliver This Project:


I will present this video on a projector or smart board during the time that all student projects will be presented. I will have to get in contact with the person in charge of the event to make sure they will have either a projector or a smart board.




This is a very exciting project for me and I will be using a lot of high quality material and tools for this project. I will be using a very expensive camera to get the best video I can get. This is a project that I have wanted to do for a while. I like to say that my major teaches me how to be my own boss and lets me make my own decisions and this project will allow me to do that. Everything will be up to me and I get to make up everything that I do.


Time Line:


Finish music for first track – Feb 24th

Assign Cast – Feb 24th

Choreograph first number – March 3rd

Finish music for second track – March 3rd

Have cameras and camera men organized and prepared – March 6th

Choreograph second number – March 10th

Finish Costume Renderings – March 10th

Photo shoot promotion – March 20th

Finish music for third track – March 24th

Have all costumes created – March 31st

Teach second number to Carly (who’s playing the Wolf) – April 4th

Choreograph third number – April 5th

Finish music for fourth and fifth track – April 5th

Choreograph fourth and fifth number – April 7th

Teach the rest of the choreography – April 12th

Film the video – April 22nd and April 23rd



Research Article




For my research article I will be researching about the creativity and organization process between directors and choreographers of commercial dance and music videos. My article will include information about how they come up with their ideas and what is involved in putting together these pieces. Who do they need to communicate with? What needs to be done before rehearsals even start?




A lot of people forget about the passion and thought process and artistry that goes behind all of the work put into making these creations to entertain everybody out there not just people who are interested in dance and theater. My goal is to keep spreading creativity throughout my generation and to teach people how important artistry and talent is in our entertainment business.




My paper will include at least three different choreographer and director “pairs”. Each music video that I will use as examples will all vary in genres. These jobs are the definition of interdisciplinary. The entertainment business has many interdisciplinary jobs such as these. They don’t require you to be just a dancer, or just and actor. This business wants to see versatile people that can; direct, teach, create, and write, etc. I will learn a lot about the business that I will be going into.




Have all of my sources from articles, books, and documentaries – March 4th

Start my basic structure of my article – March 11th

Get all of my pictures that I will use in my article and source them – March 18th

Finish my first draft – April 1st

Blog about my soon- to-be-published article – April 8th

Finish my second draft – April 15th

Finish final draft – April 29th

Submit final draft to Eport – May 1st


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4 thoughts on “Applied Project and Research Article”

  1. I am really excited because I imagine your RA could splice video clips from YouTube into the article, and it could be a great mishmash of analysis, research, and demonstration– creative and really fun to read!

    The project sounds great, too. You can embed a YouTube video right on your ePort. Excited that you will be trying your hand at the tech and filming pieces, too- very cool!

  2. Amara,
    I love your applied project idea! IT seems like it will be really interesting and fun to put together. I will be looking forward to watching your video when its all done. I don’t know much about dancing and I will be interested in learning about these types of videos come together and the hard work and process they have to go through to create such a piece!

  3. I’m really interested to see how the music video turns out. There are so many moving parts (get it? You’re literally going to be moving because it’s a dance video – but also because there are a lot of different important aspects besides the actual dance.) that it’ll be awesome to see you working with them all to achieve the desired outcome. The Red Riding Hood story also appeals because everyone knows it and it’s so open to interpretation.

    I think you’re article will help you in your project, as I’m sure that researching the styles and processes that directors and choreographers use when creating music videos will give you a greater understanding when you go and try to make your own music video.

  4. Hey Amara!
    Your project sounds really engaging, fun, and a lot of work! I had to create a music video my Junior year of high school, and it was pretty hard to really get the right dance moves, record it how you want it to look, and editing the final piece. It will be exciting to see what you pull off, and by the way you describe it in your prospectus, I can vision it coming out really professionally! Your time line even shows how much work and dedication you will be putting in it! I think having your research article so closely relating to your project will really give you the creative inspiration you need. As well as giving you opportunities to learn something new, or try something new that you discover through your research.

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

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