Cats the Musical

For those of you who don’t know this iconic production, Cats is a show based of the book of poems by T.S. Elliot where all different kinds of cats join together once a year at the Jellicle Ball and hope that they will be the one to move on the Heavyside Layer. It is a very dance-heavy show which is why I will be performing in it for the second time this year as Rumpleteazer, the thief cat. The first time I was in this was over the summer with Patrick Dorow Productions in Kittery, Maine, and they are putting on this production again because it was a sold out run last summer. I was lucky enough to be asked back, and return to my role in this fabulous production.

There are a few struggles that I am having with doing this production again. My biggest struggle is the commute. Kittery is a half an hour away from my parents’ house, but it is almost two hours away from Plymouth. Luckily most of the rehearsals have been on the weekends, but a few of them have been on Wednesday and Thursday. On these days I’ve either not gone at all or I’ve been a few hours late because I work until 5 o’clock on weekdays. Directors and Choreographers can sometimes get very impatient and don’t always tolerate people missing rehearsal, but I am very lucky to have a director and choreographer that works around my crazy schedule. It’s also been very tiring and overwhelming sometimes during the days that I don’t have breaks for 13 of 14 hours straight, and sometimes not having a lot of time to do my homework.

The other difficulty I am having is the choreography process. Last summer we used the original Broadway choreography, and I drilled it into my body because it was extremely tough and fast choreography that we had to learn pretty quickly. I always put a lot of pressure on myself when I perform, and this show wasn’t going to be any different. This time we have less rehearsal time and slightly different choreography. There are bits and parts that are the same, but there have been enough changes in order for me to be worried that I will go back to the original choreography at some point during a show one night since I worked so hard to remember the choreography last time and it’s still in my body. Although I will be worrying about this until the end of the show it is going pretty well so far, and I am feeling ready for tech this week. Throughout this week I will be setting aside time to drill this new choreography into my body so I feel completely ready for opening night on Friday.

If you would like to see this fun, family-friendly show you can buy tickets here, you don’t wanna miss out:

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One thought on “Cats the Musical”

  1. I completely love all the behind-the-scenes mundane secrets of putting on a show like Cats, since in my head, I am clearly supposed to be a Broadway performer! Honestly, the little stuff you cover here probably seems sort of casually normal for you, but it’s really fun to get a glimpse of the challenges of putting a show like this together, and I think readers would love more stuff like this! Share it out when you write posts like this and you will develop fans of this site for sure…

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