My Interdisciplinary Studies Application Essay.

Dance and Theatrical Design

Amara Decker

The name of my program is Dance and Theatrical Design. In this program, I will study dance technique and artistry, the elements of theater and theater design, theatrical script writing, and the skills to market myself to future employers. I created this program because of my passion for performing. Dance is an art that I have been studying my entire life, and theater is another passion of mine that I believe is crucial for dancers to have a significant amount of knowledge in. My experiences in dance theater have led me to many hopes and dreams for the future. Ever since I was little, I have always been the one to want to put on the dance recitals, musicals or plays myself. The path that I plan to take includes being a part of a theatrical production company. I would like to work as a production manager for a dance company, or maybe be on a production team that produces plays for the stage. All of these disciplines integrate together and will help prepare me for my future plans as a producer.

As a dancer, I know that it is important to develop strong technique in all types of advanced dance. Taking DN 3367 Advanced Ballet, DN 3260 ST: Advanced Jazz, DN 3260 ST: Advanced Tap, DN 3270 Advanced Modern Dance, and DN 3200 Dance Styles For Musical Theater are all challenging classes that improve my technique for future dancing engagements. The next class I wish to include is DN 3320 Dance Composition. This will help me create my own dance pieces for the future when I choreograph for a profession and work as part of the company’s production team.

For my theater classes, I plan on including TH 1600 Introduction to Theater, which will teach me about the various arts involved in play production from the audience’s point of view. In this class I will learn about the significant roles and elements of theater such as scripts, theater structure, scenery, costume, lighting, makeup, and acting. Another theater class I plan on incorporating into my contract is TH 3160 Stage Movement. This class will help me understand the importance of how artists move about the stage and how it is used in every theatrical experience. The last theater class I am taking is TH 2230 American Musical Theater (WRCO). This class is a writing class that has also helped improve my knowledge on previous musicals that have changed how we see theater today. The curriculum in this class also helped me shape the current styles of theater that are being produced today. All of these theater and dance classes contribute to creating new ideas for future performances I will want to produce on the stage.

To further my knowledge in theater design, TH 2540 Introduction to Theater Design and TH 3300 Design for the Theater are the two most important classes that will prepare me for future jobs, but TH 2600 Fundamentals of Costume Construction will also be a very useful class to take that will open up more job opportunities. TH2500 Stagecraft Fundamentals (QRCO) will also help me with the theater design portion of my major because it will give me knowledge on how to build and create sets for theatrical performances.

Being a part of a production company requires extensive experience in writing and communication. Therefore, writing classes are an important part of my education. EN 3680 Scriptwriting will help improve my skills for evaluating material of theatrical scripts. It is important for me to recognize strong writing. Another class that will help me as a producer is CM 3090 Technical Communication. This class focuses on the technical communication for business, and designing proposals, reports, and instructions for specific audiences. This class will not only help me with my writing and communication skills but also with my business skills as well.

To improve my marketing and business skills, BU 3350 Event Marketing will help me learn how to advertise an event such as a dance concert or a dance company that wishes to hold auditions. BU 1100 Business Computer Applications (TECO) is the class that benefits my education by learning how business professionals use computers and typical application software. A production company is a business which requires a reasonable amount of knowledge in computer technology.

I chose to do the Thematic Studies option for my major because I believe I am a critical thinker that wishes to integrate knowledge together to create new ideas. Creating new aspects of theater and dance is what I hope to pursue for the future. For the Thematic Studies option, I am required to take IS 2222 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies and IS 4444 Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies was the class that showed me how to improve my education by not just studying one subject, but five. This class taught me how to integrate disciplines together to find their common grounds and form a new knowledge.

My degree is interdisciplinary because I am choosing five different subjects to study from. Within this studying I am working to find a common ground between all of the classes and integrate them together to form a new knowledge of how I can change the future of theater and dance. This degree will prepare me for my career by helping me understand what I can give to theater and dance and what I can do to produce new art and entertainment in the world.

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2 thoughts on “My Interdisciplinary Studies Application Essay.”

  1. Amara,

    I was interested in reading your contract when I saw that you were including dance. I grew up dancing and aspired to be a Rockette, until I realized I would never be tall enough. Oh well! Life took me in a different direction but dance will always be something that keeps me sane. It looks like you have an incredibly well rounded program. I guess I was unaware of how much actually goes into an entire production, but it looks like you’ve got that covered. Learning about dance, theater, and how to market yourself and any potential business you may own, it looks like you have a great plan laid out and are aware of how each individual course fits into your end goal. I enjoyed reading your contract and I hope it takes you exactly where you want to be!

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