Research Article and Applied Project Ideas

Research Article Ideas:

  1. My first idea would be to research how different dance companies started their programs and compare them to each other. This would include the disciplines of dance, marketing, and communications. A challenge would be to get a hold of the dance company founders and ask them what their personal struggles were.
  2. My next idea would be to research different musical theater choreographers and how they each advertised themselves in order to get jobs. This would include the disciplines of dance, theater, and marketing. Musical theater dance is my strongest style of dance and I have taken many classes that include dance composition. A huge challenge would be to explain to people who are not dancers and not musical theater people how getting these jobs work because it’s much different than any other business.
  3. The next idea I have would be to research how directors and choreographers construct their music videos. This would include dance, theater, theater design, and writing. Dancing on film is something that I’ve always wanted to learn more about but that’s also going to be the biggest challenge for me because there is so much about cinematography and technology that I don’t know about.
  4. My next idea would be to research what alumni dancer/interdisc majors from PSU have done and compare them and their paths that they have taken and also compare their strengths and skills to mine. This would be really exciting to me because I have gotten in touch with a few alumni dancers and they have taken many jobs that I would be very interested in. A challenge would be as well as my second idea, explaining in writing the life of a dancer and making sure people somewhat understand it.
  5. My last idea would be to research how older stories have been translated into modern art, not just dance. This would include dance, theater, theater design, and writing. For instance, I could research how the writers of “Beauty and the Beat” came up the the idea and structured it. A huge challenge would be just like my first idea, getting in touch with the people that were involved of finding any information about them at all.

Applied Project Ideas:

  1. My first idea would be to make a music video with contemporary hip-hop and modern dance based off a fairy-tale (which will probably end up being “Little Red Riding Hood” but I haven’t decided yet.) This will be very excited for me so I have a video of my work that will look very professional and I can upload it online. The disciplines that I will use will include dance, theater, theater design, writing, and communications. It will be very difficult because I’ve never directed a film before and I will have to decide if I am going to try and collaborate with someone from the Video Club.
  2. My second idea would be to choreograph a dance and perform it somewhere and maybe try and make it a fundraiser for charity. This would add a step to what I usually do when I choreograph because this would involve me handling money which would also be a huge challenge. This would involve dance and marketing.
  3. My next idea would be to organize an event where I teach classes to children of different ages all day. This would be exciting for me to do because my teaching skills is something that I have been eager to improve on. The disciplines would include dance and marketing. I think the biggest challenge I would have is to find a place to hold the classes.
  4. The next idea I have is to make a zumba work out video. This would be very fun for me to do because fitness has always been something that I am very passionate about. The disciplines would include dance, marketing, and communications. A challenge would be to find people that are willing to be a part of the work out video with me.
  5. The last idea I have is to write to put together a magazine that is all about the performing arts. This would include everything in my major dance, theater, theater design, writing, business, and communications. This would be very exciting to me because I love researching about famous dancers, and musicals, and history of the performing arts, but I would also have to decide if I want to write all the articles and how I would publish this and if I want to collaborate with a graphic designer.
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4 thoughts on “Research Article and Applied Project Ideas”

  1. I like all of your RA ideas, but do remember that you want to be able to use scholarly research and the library databases to enhance any article your write, so even if you focus on interviews and such, we need to get a book/article strand of research in there. I wonder if you could research choreographers, and have a mix of famous people you research through articles and then alums from PSU that you interview? Some kind of hybrid combo of 2 and 4 above? Though I also love the music video one as well…

    I love all of your AP ideas, though maybe 1, 4, and 5 the most… Looking forward to see where you end up heading!

  2. Lots of really great ideas here!
    I’m intrigued by your second research topic because, as you said, non-dancers don’t always know the process of how to get hired as a choreographer. It’s something that I would love to learn about. I also love the idea of a zumba workout video. They have zumba classes at the gym here on campus so if you needed people to be in the video I would suggest putting up flyers in the gym to see if people would be interested in joining you.

  3. Hey Amara! I really like your second idea for your research paper. It seems like it might have the most potential findings and can offer you some really cool directions to go with the paper.

    For your project, I really like the idea of creating a music video. I’ve seen some pretty incredible dance music videos before and I’m imaging what it would be like to fully create and direct one. I can see you having so much fun with it and it seems like a great option to me. My second choice would be the magazine. There are so many things that you could add to a magazine that would make for an interesting read. Either one seems like it would be a great project.

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