The Next Step

I have so many ideas and things I want to do after graduation it’s overwhelming, exciting, and nerve-racking all at the same time. My biggest concern is being able to dance as much as I can. I will still be taking class constantly no matter what so I won’t lose my technique and strength, but of course there comes the responsibility in searching for a job. As an artist, I know I will always have more than one job to keep busy and to pay the bills. I also am aware that I will be working ridiculous hours, but I have come to realize lately that I am completely okay with that because I am so passionate about what I do.

I have been talking to my mother (who is also a dancer) a lot about potential jobs I should try to find and she keeps telling me I need to talk to producers and directors that I have performed for in the past and see if they have any connections or opportunities for me and so far I have had fairly good luck. Unfortunately I am not allowed to reveal online the potential job offer I have in store just yet, but I can give a few details as to what this job includes. I’d be dancing my face off, teaching, and assisting with production design. This is basically what my major is all about and I could not be more excited for it. I know I would be really happy there and I think it’s a great job to be offered right out of college.

The only reason I would not be able to get this job is if the company cannot afford to hire me. This position technically does not exist right now because it is a growing company, but if I am hired I would be contributing a lot of my time to the growth of the business. My education in business perfectly matches this job and I already have so many ideas that would help the company. Many people that work there have already told me how much they would love to have me and how helpful I would be to them.

I do have quite a few auditions coming up just in case this opportunity doesn’t work out. A lot of these auditions are for cruise ships. This is a very common gig for a dancer to get right out of college. There are very few things that I can think of that would be more amazing than traveling the world, dancing, and getting paid all at the same time. Other auditions that I have lined up. are for equity houses, which are theaters that are part of the actors’ union for readers who don’t know. These jobs are extremely hard to book because hundreds of women who look and dance just like me that are looking for the same job so I will have to go through a ridiculous amount of auditions before I book a gig but I have received amazing training and I am prepared for the journey ahead.

If anybody is interested in what an audition for a cruise ship is like for dancers or even for singers here is a link for Royal Caribbean Productions:


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One thought on “The Next Step”

  1. I am thinking about auditioning for that cruise ship opportunity, ha ha.

    So excited to hear about your possible offer as that all unfolds, but you are definitely on top of things and making contingent plans at every turn, which is so wise. All through undergrad you have been focused, passionate about dance, and working hard to prepare for a life where you could afford to stay in the field you love. I think you’ve set yourself up for success, so let’s use the rest of this Spring to continue building your portfolio and materials to assist you as you apply for these professional opportunities…

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